a work for the song ‘Norway’. Part of Holland, an album and project of Mark Lotterman.

An unexpected meeting between two people is like falling in love with someone with whom you never expected you would. It tugs at the boundaries in which you think you exist. A connection between two people, coming from different places, who change or confirm each other’s identity. It is this meeting that Mark Lotterman’s refers to in the song Norway.
The people in the photographs have been captured in various places in the city. Separate figures that have nothing to do with one another. They have been brought together later on, creating staged meetings. They stand in positions that are too intimate for strangers, yet the distance between them is still present.
The figures have been printed on paper in the shape of a map. The map suggests the roads we take, the meetings that follow and borders that change. If you would lay a map of Rotterdam under one of these maps, the red dots will show you the location where the figures where photographed.

three folded maps, each 105 x 98 cm
paper, red transparent stickers
edition: 5 of each



Would you join me / on a trip to the very north? / We’d sail from the Norwegian shore / watching whales where the sun never sets / I am done with the troubles I had

I know it took years / and I’m sorry I know life was hard / it was such a dreadful start / but it’s time that we forget / I am done with the troubles I had

Did I tell you / about the first time that I fell in love? / He was my friend, and yes it was tough / I thought that he would get mad / I was scared for the feelings I had

I was shaking / when I told him one day after school / “The only one I think of is you” / and he smiled and shook his head / and I was done with the troubles I had

Would you join me / in a life where my love will be free / it will grow till it’s larger than me / let’s get old and die holding hands / I am done with the troubles I had


Westersingel  x  Erasmusbrug


Aert van Nesstraat  x  Graaf Florisstraat


Schouwburgplein  x  Mauritsweg